COVID-19 Update 3/16/2020

Universal family,

With the volatile situation we are currently dealing with in regards to COVID-19,  our decisions/actions at Universal must evolve accordingly.  In order to comply with the recent restrictions, released today, on number of people to assemble, restaurant closings, child care center restraints, etc we have decided to shut down Universal Athletics until possibly April 20th..  We believe in order to protect our Universal families and children it will be hard to facilitate regular instruction while maintaining CDC recommendations.  Students will be able to make up classes missed in March at any point in the Spring semester, summer session, or fall semester through 2020.

We will provide another update in the coming week(s).

Again, thank you for your cooperation and understanding through this difficult time.

Universal Athletics

Facility Hours of Operation

Monday ......... 3:30 - 8
Tuesday ......... 4 - 8
Wednesday ... 4 - 7
Thursday ....... 4 - 7
Friday............. 4 - 9
Saturday......... 10:30-11:30 and scheduled parties/events
Sunday........ scheduled parties and events

Inclement Weather Policy

If there is weather that causes the facility to close, there will be make-up classes available for scheduled classes and events. We will make every effort to post notifications of a closing by 2:00 pm. It is your responsibility to verify if we are open.

Methods of communication during inclement weather include phone voicemail message (if possible), website, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and a note on our front door. Your coach will have information regarding a make up class at your next class meeting.

Scheduled closings are not available to be made up. Our class schedule adjusts to fit these in already.


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