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Facility Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 3:30-8pm
Fridays 6:30-9 and Party Reservations
Saturdays 9:30-11am and Party Reservations
Sundays: Party Reservations

Universal Athletics
Phone: (270) 759-4787
Email: universalathletics1@yahoo.com
Physical Address: 309 Solar Drive Murray, KY 42071
Mailing Address: PO Box 967 Murray, KY 42071


Universal Athletics is the largest training facility in Western KY and TN and offers many great benefits.

  • Our facility provides a safe environment for learning beginner through advanced tumbling and gymnastics skills. 
  • We are constantly upgrading and adding new equipment to our facility to provide our athletes tools for success.  Our equipment allows are staff to develop progressive stations and training technique drills to achieve individual success.  The variety of equipment helps are staff be creative and develop lesson plans that are engaging, skill based, and fun. 
  • Our facility creates easy scheduling for families.  We can offer multiple classes at the same time as well as a homework area, snacks, parent work out area.
  • Our facility offers classes for those students interested in recreational learning as well as being a competitive gymnast or cheerleader.

Universal Athletics is a fully insured and professional gymnastics, tumbling, and cheerleading training facility.


Inclement Weather Policy

If there is weather that causes the facility to close, there will be make up classes available for scheduled classes and events. We will make every effort to post notifications of a closing by 2:00 pm. It is your responsibility to verify if we are open. Methods of communication during inclement weather include phone voicemail message (if possible), website, Facebook, Instagram, and a note on our front door. Scheduled closings are not available to be made up. Our class schedule adjusts to fit these in already.