Inflatable Fun Factory Hours

Monday-Thursday 4:00p.m.-7:00p.m.

Cost is $7 per person per visit.
Monthly Bounce Passes available for $25. Grants unlimited access to Inflatable Fun Factory for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

The Inflatables are exclusive to scheduled parties Saturday and Sunday.
To schedule your exclusive party for any occasion, please call (270) 759-4787.



Dexterity Dash: This inflatable is quite a challenge. Climb the ladder to the 18-foot steep slide, use the wall steps to help you swing across the monkey bars, travel through the maze of obstacles and test your agility on the bouncy steps.

The Castle: This bounce house was made for any King or Queen.  Come on in and jump, jump, jump!

The Big Wave: Come take the plunge down this 18ft super slide.  Climb your way up the ladder and take a deep breath at the top in the secret hideaway cave.  Zoom down the slide to the landing pool finish.  Watch out for that double dip!

Obstacle Course:  Grab a friend and get ready for the great race!  On your mark, get set, GO!  Crawl through the starting gates and leap over the hurdles.  Race through the giant bumpers and dive through the tunnel.  Race up the ladder tower and slide to the finish.


 Kinder Interactive: This inflatable for ages 6 and under has tunnels, a slide, and many other fun obstacles. Young ones are free to run around and play in this inflatable exclusive to them!

Inflatable Fun Factory Rules:

  1. No shoes in any of the inflatables. These can be placed in the cubbies. (Socks are optional)
  2. Stay inside the Fun Factory area. Do not pass the yellow rope or blue curtains.
  3. ALWAYS use the ladders to get to the top of the slides and go down the slide feet first.
  4. Never sit, climb, or jump on any of the inflatable walls. 
  5. Keep all your food, candy, and drinks on the tile floors. No food, candy, or drink is allowed in the Inflatable Fun Zone.
  8. Do not go between the walls of the inflatables or behind them. Stay on the designated paths.