Universal's Competitive Gymnastics team is the area's most outstanding and fun program coached by the best!




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01/01/2019 - Universal Kentucky Gymnastics


Why join competitive gymnastics?

  • This sport teaches dedication, discipline, determination, and commitment.  All of these traits are important characteristics for any athlete.  Gymnasts learn to work as a team but also have to have self motivation and be committed to their personal skill progression.
  • Gymnastics is very rewarding because athletes enjoy competition with 4 events. 
  • Gymnastics is an appreciated and distinquished sport.  During the Summer Olympics, it is one of the most popular and most watched sports.
  • Competitive gymnastics involves traveling to meets with your teammates. This creates lots of fun and lasting memories.
  • Gymnastics builds confidence and self-esteem.

Why join Universal Kentucky Gymnastics?

UKG is a great option for those interested in competitive gymnastics!  We have several team options to accommodate all different levels of commitment!  


Our gymnastics team is made up of girls who have excelled in their previous reacreational programs.  Because of their hard work and dedication, we invited them to join a more challenging competitive team.  Based on their gymnastics background, age, and time per week they are willing to commit, team members are placed on one of three teams: Gold, Silver or Bronze.  

The Gold team involves the most practice hours and is for those athletes who will be competing in USA Gymnastics sanctioned events.  They spend many hours a week in the gym perfecting their USAG routines that they will use as they travel to various cities for USAG meets.  The Silver team is made up of girls who want to compete several times during the season without having to travel long distances to gymnastics meets.  These girls compete in a handful of local meets throughout the season.  The Bronze team is for the newer, less experienced, or younger gymnasts who are interested in competing, but still need to work on some of the basics.  Most bronze gymnasts will compete late in the season at a couple of local meets.  We have listed below the hours each week they practice in the gym and the monthly tuition.

Team Practice Hours  
Bronze 3 hours per week  
Silver 4.5 hours per week  
Gold 7.5 hours per week  


Why is the staff at Universal the best?


Our gym program has been a club member of USA Gymnastics for 10 years.  Our coaches hold their professional USA Gymanstics membership and are USAG Safety Certified.  Our coaches are Adult and Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified. 

Within our coaching staff we have:

  • 20 years of combined coaching experience
  • Multi State Championships on Vault, Beam, Bars, and Floor in the state of Kentucky.
  • Coached along side Olympic athletes such as Courtney Kupets, Blaine Wilson, John Macready, and John Roethlisberger.
  • Attended Seminars regarding gymnastics topics such as Athlete Motivation and Team Work by Steve Butcher an Olympic Judge and National Clinician.
  • Attended State Coach's Clinic for excellence in routine standards for the 2013-2021 Junior Olympic Compulsory routines.
  • Attended Canadian Olympic Training Center to acquire additional sport expertise.
  • Received endorsements for gymnastics talents and became a professional athlete.

Is Universal a successful program?

Universal Kentucky Gymnastics is a very successful program and continues to develop an outstanding reputation of medal winners.  With the new start of our competitive team program in 2012 with 5 athletes competing in one level, we have grown to over 30 athletes and 4 different levels.  As our first year competing in USAG sanctioned meets, we brought home the 2013-2014 Kentucky State Level 3 Silver Medalist in Vault.

Why train at Universal?

Our athletes excel in this sport with fewer practice hours than most athletes in thier division.  This is because we conduct productive, well managed, and goal orientated practices which develops skills quicker and more efficiently.  Due to less practice hours, we offer a low and affordable tuition rate.  We have the largest training facitily in Western Kentucky and North Western Tennessee.  Our space allows us to train all 4 levels at the same time, which creates leadership for our older athletes and goal setting opportunities for our younger athletes.  We have a large amount of training equipment that serves as aids to reaching every athletes' potential.  Our staff organizes fun events to develop and encourage friendships and emphasize the fun of doing gymnastics.